In-Person Events Vs. Virtual – Which Format Suits Your Business Best?

Person Events Vs. Virtual

You’re not alone if you struggle to decide on the appropriate format for your upcoming event. A complex web of interdependent factors makes what was once an easy decision more complicated. Services like iPad rentals, laptop hire, VR rentals, and all other tech rental solutions are available to support both events. However, business managers and event organizers must opt for the option best suited to their business style. Also, this decision will decide the outcome of the event for the business as well.

That’s why we’ve carefully considered the ideal conditions and pros and cons for each format. This is done to help you decide between the two options and use the right event format. Selecting the right type of business event is also a preference-based decision. With modern iPad rental services, laptop hire solutions, and all other tech rental options, organizing events is now easier than ever. This article is a must-read for anyone planning to host business events in 2024 and beyond.

In-Person Events:

Of course, in-person events take more planning and preparation than before. However, they still occur worldwide and can be highly impactful and memorable if planned with care and enough lead time. Also, in-person events continue to be the go-to format for many types of businesses. There are some ideal situations and circumstances with some pros and cons to consider:

Ideal Circumstances for Hosting an In-Person Event:

Some ideal circumstances for in-person events in the UK and the rest of the world are listed below. If one or more of these factors don’t apply, it may be wise to consider a different format. Be sure to investigate your specific event requirements and work accordingly.

  • No international travel is required, and interstate travel is limited.
  • Adequate time to communicate safety plans to attendees and discuss any questions or concerns with them.
  • There is no other feasible way to host the event with the same impact as being in person (e.g., a corporate golf tournament).
  • Most or all of your audience has expressed a desire or openness to meet in person.
  • Major financial or reputational losses would not occur if the event had to be canceled or postponed at the last minute for any reason.
  • There is no need for on-demand content (e.g., a private fundraiser dinner).

Additional Pros and Cons of an In-Person Only Event:


  • Face-to-face connection.
  • Excitement and anticipation for reuniting in person.
  • Everyone is in the same space, sharing the same experience (as opposed to hybrid).
  • Easier collaboration and brainstorming.
  • Can boost attendee morale and combat “Zoom fatigue.”
  • Higher potential for generating revenue.


  • Travel costs for attendees.
  • Additional time and resources are required for planning.
  • The unpredictability of market conditions.
  • May not be inclusive for those unable to attend for various reasons.

Virtual Events:

Virtual events have advanced significantly since 2020, with breakthrough technology making them more engaging, intuitive, and customizable than ever before. Options like iPad rentals, laptop rentals, VR and AR rentals, and large display rentals have greatly aided virtual events. When planning a virtual event, it’s crucial to ensure it offers clear value for attendees and provides plenty of opportunities to engage with speakers and other attendees.

Ideal Circumstances for Virtual Events:

Virtual events are fast becoming the norm in the business event management industry. Some particular circumstances encourage businesses to organize virtual events in 2024 and beyond. If one or more of these factors doesn’t apply, it may be wise to consider a different format.

  • A global audience is expected.
  • Excellent content that will attract and keep attendees engaged.
  • An AV partner with experience in virtual events who can recommend, set up, and produce on a virtual event platform that meets all your needs.
  • An agenda conducive to a virtual event that can be adjusted for shorter attention spans.
  • Attendees have expressed an interest in attending virtually.
  • You and your attendees are willing to try unique engagement strategies such as gamification, Q&A, virtual networking, polling, quizzes, and more.

Additional Pros and Cons of Virtual Events:


  • Potential for increased attendee count.
  • Inclusive for those who cannot travel.
  • Greater possibilities for hiring remote keynote speakers due to scheduling and budget.
  • Post-event engagement data.
  • On-demand content extends the life of your event.
  • Smaller carbon footprint.
  • Closed captioning and more translation options available.


  • No face-to-face interaction or networking, which may not have the same impact virtually.
  • Even the best virtual events typically cannot charge as much for registration.
  • Virtual events have become highly competitive. You’ll need exceptional content to stand out.
  • Some events may not be conducive to chat or unmoderated Q&A, making engagement challenging.

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