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Leading Tablet Hire Services in the UK

The Tekk Group is the leading IT and tech rental service provider in the UK. We offer advanced Apple and Android tablet hire devices for business meetings and private usage needs anywhere in the country. Get iPad rentals, Samsung Galaxy Tab hire, Google Nexus rentals, Microsoft Surface hire and many other options with doorstep delivery options in all major cities. We are available all year for all tablet rentals.
  • iPad rental solutions available in the UK
  • Samsung and Google Android tablet rental services in the UK
  • Microsoft Surface rental for business meetings and events
  • All tablet rental solutions available
Tablet Hire for Events

#1 Tablet Rental Company in the UK

For all tablet hire in the UK requirements, The Tekk Group is the leading service provider. We have a large inventory of advanced Apple and Android tablets available all year for all users.

We provide business event organization services in the UK with our leading tablet rental solutions. Get the latest iPads, Samsung Galaxy Tab rental devices, Google Nexus tablets and many others delivered to your location any day of the week.

Additionally, we offer very affordable pricing for our Tablets rental in the UK services. Hire the latest fully unlocked tablets for presentations, branding and marketing purposes at events. Also, these tablets are available for individual usage requirements anywhere in the country as well. We deliver your required tablets to any specified location same day or any day of the week. Call us today to find out more at any time.


    Easy Tablet Rental Process in the UK

    Calender Icon

    1). Communicate Your Requirement

    Establish your rental period and all other factors requirements. Communicate with us what tablet rental in the UK devices you need and where.

    Delivery icon

    2). Sign Tablet Rental Contract

    Sign the proposed tablet hire contract and finalize your required iPads or Android tablet devices. You can sign the contract in advance when required too.

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    3). Delivery and 24/7 Support

    We offer free shipping to all cities, towns and suburban areas in the country. Also, around-the-clock technical support is always available for all rentals.

    Return Box

    4). Extend, Buy, or Return

    Return your rented iPads or Android tablet devices when their usage requirement is done. Also, extend the contract or buy the devices when needed.

    Tablet Rental for Events

    Advanced Tablet Rental Services with Branding, Apps and Settings in the UK

    The Tekk Group offers advanced iPad and Android Tablet hire services for all usage requirements. Our tablet devices are available for branding, marketing and presentations on small to large business events for all industries. We offer all unlocked and usage-ready devices with custom software and hardware accessories.
    • Custom software applications available preinstalled on tablet rental devices
    • Tablet hire UK services with branding logos, wallpapers and images
    • Hard drive encryption and protection
    • Get Wi-Fi passwords preloaded
    • Tablet rental devices with custom settings
    • Nationwide delivery and onsite setup with 24/7 support

    Customer's Reviews


    The Tekk Group is by far the best Tablet Rental service provider in London. We got our iPads delivered within a few hours of booking and they were all provided with our required conference applications preinstalled and all other branding images preloaded. Very good service. A must-try service for businesses looking for affordable iPad rentals.

    Antoine Campbell London, UK

    We recommend The Tekk Group for their Tablet Rental services in the UK. Our Samsung Galaxy Tab hire service was top quality and the tablets arrived in a couple of hours. Perfect service and great customer support as well. 5 Stars from us.

    Tristan Bernard Edinburgh, UK

    We rented Microsoft Surface Pro from The Tekk Group. All Surface Pro devices were delivered with our required software applications preinstalled. We will surely hire again from these guys whenever in need of a tablet rental service for business events.

    George Mathews Birmingham, UK

    All Samsung Galaxy Tab devices delivered from The Tekk Group were in great condition. We also found all required applications preinstalled and ready for use. Quick same-day delivery service for our seminar was a great option as well. Very happy to recommend tablets for hire.

    Alister McKenzie London, UK

    Affordable discounted prices for bulk tablet rental services in Birmingham. We found prices for weekly rental prices for Google Nexus rental and Samsung Galaxy Tab hire to be very affordable. The Tekk Group gave us a 10% discount on the previous prices as well. Best service for sure.

    Maddy Joseph Birmingham, UK

    Tablet Rentals for Events

    • Screen size: 10.5 inches
    • Display: 1920x1200
    • Memory Storage: 128GB

    Samsung Galaxy Tab A8 daily, weekly, and monthly rentals available

    • Screen size: 10.5 inches
    • Display: 1600x2580
    • Memory Storage: 128GB

    Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 daily, weekly, and monthly rentals available

    • Screen size: 10.4 inches
    • Display: 2880x1920
    • Memory Storage: 256GB

    Microsoft Surface Pro 8 daily, weekly, and monthly rentals available

    • Screen size: 10.1 inches
    • Display: 2560 x 1600
    • Memory Storage: 16GB

    Google Nexus daily, weekly, and monthly rentals available

    • Screen size: 7.48 x 4.72 x 0.45
    • Weight: 413 g
    • Memory Storage: 8GB

    Amazon Kindle Fire daily, weekly, and monthly rentals available

    • Screen size: 55”, 138.8cm
    • Dimensions: 235cm x 114cm
    • Display: 1920 x 1080 Full HD

    55 Giant iTab SmartPhone HR daily, weekly, and monthly rentals available

    Tablet Hire Accessories for events in UK

    tablet accessories
    • Power Banks for tablets
    • Tablet Floor Stands
    • Tablet Desk Stands
    • Tablet Locking Mounts
    • Tablet cases and bags
    • Tablet Charging Hubs
    • Bluetooth Keyboards
    • Tablet Event Software
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    Advanced Tablet Rental Services Available for All Business Meetings and Events

    The Tekk Group offers top-quality tablet rental in the UK services for business events and meetings of all types. We offer business event organization service with iPad and Android tablet rental devices available with onsite installation. Our tablets for rental services are available for:

    • Tradeshows and exhibitions
    • Product launch events
    • Training events and sessions in the UK
    • Conferences
    • Remote business meetings
    • Board or director meetings
    • Grand store openings
    • All other types of business events
    Tablet rental for Events
    Tablet Rental for Conference

    Reliable Tablet Rental Partner for Events and Businesses in the UK

    When looking for a reliable tablet rental partner in the UK, The Tekk Group is a service provider you can trust. We have more than a decade of experience offering the best IT and tech rental services for events and businesses in the country. Call us today to book your tablet hire devices.

    • Best price guarantee for tablet rentals in the UK. We beat any quote by 10%.
    • iPads and Android Tablets rental services
    • Custom apps available preinstalled
    • Tablet rental devices available with stands and mounts for presentations
    • Hourly, daily, weekly and long-term monthly tablet rental packages available
    • Nationwide delivery available all year

    All-in-One Tablet Rental Event Production Packages in the UK

    When looking to hire tech devices for large business events, you need more than tablets alone. The Tekk Group offers a wide range of event production devices to make your events more advanced. Our event production tablet rental packages include many additional devices and accessories. Hire the one event production package with Samsung and Android tablets for the best productivity results for events.

    Tablet Stands

    • Tablet Floor Stands
    • Tablet Desk Stands
    • Tablet Presentation Stands
    • Height Adjustable Tablet Stands

    Tablet Locks and Fixtures

    • Tablet Desk Mounts
    • Tablet Desk Locks
    • Tablet Wall Fixtures
    • Tablet Locks for Public Events

    Tablet Guest List

    • Easily Welcome Guests
    • Intuitive Design
    • Perfect Application for Small to Large Events
    • Customize Your List

    Bluetooth Keyboards

    • Plug and Play Keyboards
    • Boost Tablet Productivity
    • USB Type C Wired Keyboard is available
    • Lightweight Tablet Keyboard

    Bluetooth Speakers

    • Hire Bluetooth speakers
    • High-definition sound for tablet output
    • Perfect for large events
    • Delivery to event venue

    Power Banks for Tablets

    • Tablet Charging on the Go
    • Power Banks Available with All Types of Cables
    • Delivered Fully Charged
    • Affordable Prices

    Hire Tablets for Events, Businesses and Education in the UK

    For all kinds of tablet rental in the UK requirements, The Tekk Group is a reliable service provider. We offer iPads and Android tablets including iPads, Samsung Galaxy Tab devices, Google Nexus tablets and more for general business usage or events all year. Also, we provide tablet rental services for the education sector including educational seminars and events as well. Additionally, we offer latest tablet rental services in London, Manchester, Birmingham, Liverpool, Edinburgh, Bristol, Reading, Oxford, Milton Keynes, Newcastle, and in all other cities, towns or suburban areas.

    Nationwide Tech Rental Services

    The Tekk Group offers a consistent nationwide tech rental experience all around the UK. We offer the latest iPad hire devices, tablet rental solutions, laptop hire, VR and AR rental and much more in every single city of the country. Whether you need the latest tech device delivery or onsite setup for events in London, Manchester, Birmingham, Liverpool, Edinburgh, Newcastle, Reading, Bristol, Swansea, Cardiff, Sheffield or any other city in the country, we have the best solution for your requirement.

    • Tech devices available at every hotel, event venue and house location
    • Local Audio-Visual rental experts in the UK
    • Same-day and next-day delivery or onsite installation
    • Mastering event production with the latest tech rentals across the UK
    • Part of a worldwide service including Europe, the USA, Canada & The Middle East

    Leading Event Production in the UK with Latest Tablet Rental Devices

    Business events are of great importance with their ability to present products, services and brands. Also, modern business events are used for branding and marketing as well. The Tekk Group offers the best event production services in the UK with the latest tablet rental solutions.

    We offer onsite installation set up services for the latest tablet rental devices anywhere in the UK. Rent iPads or Android tablets for business events.

    Also, we are the leading IT and tech rental company for business event production offering the latest tablet hire devices all year.


    Tablet Rental FAQs

    Ans: At The Tekk Group, you will find the largest range of tablet hire in the UK solutions. We have Apple iPads for hire and also Android tablet rental solutions including Samsung Galaxy Tab hire, Google Nexus rental and also full Windows Microsoft Surface rental services.

    Ans: Yes. All Apple and Android tablet rental services require some form of advanced deposit. This deposit amount can be paid in cash, through bank transfer or by credit/debit cards as well. It is also fully refundable provided all rental contract conditions are met.

    Ans: Yes. All tablet rental in the UK devices are available with onsite setup and installation for bulk rental requirements. For large meetings and events, we can set up your required tablets ready for use at business events and meetings.

    Ans: Yes. For rental contract extensions, there will be additional charges. Ideally, these charges will be calculated based on your initial rental contract per-day terms. In some cases, some changes can also be made to the extension charges.

    Ans: Yes. All tablet rental devices are available with custom software applications preinstalled. Communicate with us what applications you need and we will install them before your tablets arrive.

    Ans: Yes. Tablet Hire UK services are available in all major cities with long-term rental plans. Monthly and even longer rental terms are available for business and private hire requirements.

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